Perfect Edge Finishcrafters is a multi-trade contracting service committed to beautifying homes. Through client relationships we create inspirational spaces, from the first design idea throughout the entire crafting process.


Perfect Edge Finishcrafters is owned and operated by myself, Joshua Cline. Mine is a home aesthetics business, a unique combination of all finish trades. Through the use of modern materials and conceptual thinking, my projects create better living spaces, improve functionality and increase property value. Helping clients renew their home or business with a commitment to craftsmanship while reducing environmental impact is the foundation of my work. My work is not limited to a single trade; I am a craftsman- creating aesthetic appeal and better function is my trade. This multi-trade approach saves clients money, time, and stress.


I'm proud to say an important value of mine is the awareness of my business's environmental impact. Reducing material use (and re-using when possible), using zero-VOC paints, and thoughtful site management are ways to bring environmental consciousness to construction practices. A long lasting job inevitably reduces material useā€¦ a need for less frequent maintenance means a lesser carbon footprint.

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