My Story:  Meet Joshua Cline, Owner


I grew up around construction. My mother had a business restoring old homes in the midwest, where as a kid, I was introduced to a strong work ethic and various trades. Once my detail oriented nature was realized, I was often delegated intricate restoration tasks. I worked as an adolescent into college in that environment.


While studying fine arts and graphic design, I returned to the trades as a part time job in college. People liked my work and by word of mouth referrals, I built a steady business. Practicing in Denver for 10 years, I worked with homeowners, realtors, interior designers and tradespeople to create a reliable network of professional relationships.


Fatigue and a sense of adventure got the best of me... that’s when a backpacking trip to Central America changed my life. On a whim, I decided to start over. What better way than traveling on my own, simply,



with only what I needed, to a completely unfamiliar place? I closed my business and literally walked away from everything I owned (which looking back now I see it was both careless and brilliant), and headed South to the Mexican border.


I was unbelievably fortunate backpacking from Colorado to Panama. I saw many truly beautiful places, had some amazing cultural experiences, and reconnected with human warmth at it’s best. More than two years after slowly becoming part of a Guatemalan town, I returned to Colorado with a blessed perspective, a great little dog, and hope. Fate brought two Coloradans together after a chance encounter in a foggy Guatemalan town. Since then, my partner Lisa has been a supportive and inspiring part of this business.

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